The Aikikai Basel has been a non-profit association for over 40 years. If you are interested in our aikido and/or jodo training and would like to become a member of the association, you can sign up in the dojo or using the form below.

Statutes of AIKIKAI Basel (pdf)

Membership fees

Included in the membership fee are the following:
- all Aikido and Jodo practices as scheduled
- 1 day seminars organised by and held at Aikikai Basel dojo, approx. 6 / year
- ACSA seminars, 2 regional seminars of our federation
- ACSA yearly meet, Weekend seminar of our federation
- ACSA Yudansha seminars, 2 / year: open to black belts and 1st kyu Aikidoka only
- Jodo seminar, 2 weekend seminars / year at the dojo
- right to vote and supper at the annual general meeting
- ACSA Licences for Aikido and Jodo
- examination fees for all grades

Fees in detail:
- Adults CHF 150.- / quarter
- Adults with family reduction CHF 135.- / quarter
- Teens from 16, students till 25 years old CHF 105.- / quarter
- Students younger than 16 years old CHF 150.- / semester
- Inactive members (if possible one-time payment of total) CHF 30.- / quarter
- Passive members CHF 60.- / year
- Open Combat CHF 150.- / semester

additional fees:
- ACSA Licences for Aikido and Jodo
- examination fees for all grades


You are welcome to observe a practice anytime. If you are interested in joining, we suggest taking a free class, e.g. the basics Aikido class on Tuesday or the Jodo class on Thursday. The registration form can be obtained at the dojo or downloaded here.

registration form (pdf)